Balloon Glow

Annually, St. Louis hosts a hot air balloon race that kicks off with “Balloon Glow,” in Forest Park.  I’d never been before, and was really excited about the opportunity.  We stopped for a quick bite at that little unassuming polish hot dog place down from the Pageant and had one of the best gyros I’ve had in St. Louis – I talked to the lone guy running the place and he said his wife makes the fresh tzatziki daily and has been for 25 years.  We had a comedy of errors finding a parking spot and then I lost my husband for about half an hour which was upsetting (he’d gone back to the car thinking we’d be able to communicate via cell phone, but that was a no go as I stood like an idiot with my cell phone raised high above my head wondering how we’d become so completely reliant and wishing for walkie talkies or something)…anyway, when we were reunited we were able to walk around in wonder at the massive balloons.  Then there were fireworks!This one looks like alien space invaders 🙂


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